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Tel Net

Ground control to major chaos, hello!


For you who hate teh flahs, let it be known that we too hate teh flahs.

So, we have enabled bare telnet into the chat server.

Just telnet into on port 5224 and you will now be connected to the server via raw text telnet. No colors, no images, no nothing, just text.

Update: Surprise. We've added colours so unless you have it disabled, you should be able to see colours.

Mush clients are generally better for this so I recommend using the following programs to connect:

For the uninitiated, this is how you connect:

Or for more examples on different platforms, go to


AndroMud seems to work for hyperinferno. also, worth noting, most telnet clients on the droid do not work, have to use one designed for muds.

Java supported mobilephones

Telnet should work for most smartphones. If you aren't sure if you use a smartphone but you are sure your phone is Java enabled, then try


Also websockets are now enabled and supported by the server.

For people who use modern browsers, like chrome, the following link should connect using nothing but javascript.


We also have an irc port. It doesn't work very well but you are welcome to try it. Be reminded that unlike irc, you may only join one room at a time, ie. how the chat works.

The port in question is: 5225

A new way of watching WetV in Ubuntu (TelNet + Totem media player)

Download latest build mudlet from

Run mudlet, connect to port 5224 and log in.

Open terminal/console and type these magical words (you should be in your home dir)
sudo cp youtube-dl //usr/bin/youtube-dl

now type this to check if youtube-dl is working.
youtube-dl -g

Go to and save that file as tvplay.xml

Go back to mudlet and click on Triggers

Click on Import and choose tvplay.xml

Close that window.

A video will now play on your desktop as and when it is requested in chat.

Resize this so it fits a tiny top right corner of my screen and make sure it is Always On Top.

You may now view WetV whilst doing other things on the desktop (see Fig.1).

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