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Wherein Bob Saget is a title most desired and nobody is a lucky bastard. Yet.

Just when we thought it would take some time to procure this Feat, Brian_Prout achieved Lucky Bastard status 5 minutes after this was written.

Feats are awarded during a game.

A feat can do various things but at the moment, does 3 things; 2 of which are in chat.

  • Gives you cookies when awarded.
  • Changes your current title (type noir status to reveal it).
  • Gets added to your profile page.

You may change your title to any feat previously awarded.

Type noir titles to display the number of titles you have earned from feats achieved.

Type noir feats to display the number of feats you have achieved for a game.

Feats can only be performed in public rooms.

Games that awards Feats.

Please to be reminded that we may change titles as we do so please. At any given time. Without notice. Kthxbai


Achieveable Feats:

Lucky Bastard - Straight flush
Card Collector - Four of a kind
Bob Saget - Full house
Snappy Dresser - Flush
Card Sorter - Straight
Triad Dealer - Three of a kind
Four Eyed Dealer - Two pair
Double Dealer - One pair
High Fiver - High card
Copy Cat - Tie
Risk Taker - Go all in
Ass Wiper - Wipe out another player


Achievable Feats: (*still being added/incomplete)

Softcore Bonker - Complete all levels.
Hardcore Bonker - Complete all levels without dying.
xxsXe Bonkerxx - Complete all levels without bonking.
Power Bonker - Bonk 50 zombies.
Extreme Bonker - Bonk 100 zombies.
Midget Hater - Bonk 50 mini zombies.
Moses Lover - Cross a level (before Level 5) without bonking.
Super Moses Lover - Cross a level (Level 5 and above) without bonking.
*Piggyback Bonker - Carry a friend to the Safezone(before Level 5).
*Super Piggyback Bonker - Carry a friend to the Safezone(Level 5 and above).
*Bonking Whiner - Chatting in Dangerzone whilst being carried.
*Emo Bonker - Chatting in Dangerzone.
Don't Come A Knockin' - Sneaking out from the Safezone to bonk 5 zombies.
*Royal Bonker - Carried to the Safezone.
Byob Bonker - Bring your own balloon to bonk zombies.
n00b Bonker - Die without bonking (before Level 5).
Super n00b Bonker - Die without bonking (Level 5 and above).
*Zombie Feeder - Sacrifice a friend armed with any level balloon below +4.
*Super Zombie Feeder - Sacrifice a friend armed with a balloon level +4.
*Zombie Food - Be sacrificed when armed with any level balloon below +4.
*Super Zombie Food - Be sacrificed when armed with a balloon level +4.


Achievable Feats: (*still being added/incomplete)

Video Noob - Watch one minute of TV.
Couch Sprout - Watch one hour of TV.
Couch New Potato - Watch four hours of TV.
Couch Potato - Watch 13 hours of TV.
Giant Couch Potato - Watch 23 hours of TV.
Video Spammer - Post one video.
Extreme Video Spammer - Post 100 videos.
Video Extender - YAY one video.
Extreme Video Extender - YAY 100 videos.
Video Surfer - SUX one video.
Extreme Video Surfer - SUX 100 videos.
Video Star - Post a video win.
Super Video Star - Post 10 video wins.
Extreme Video Star - Post 100 video wins.
Video Nerd - Post a video fail.
Super Video Nerd - Post 10 video fails.
Extreme Video Nerd - Post 100 video fails.
*Video Nastee - Ban one video.
*Super Video Spammer - Post a video that stays on screen less than one minute.
*reg Lover - YAY a reg video.
*Jester Jeerer - SUX the Jester's video.
*Video Hacker - Post a timeskipped video.


Achievable Feats:

Cookiemon - Bank over 1 million cookies in total.
Cookiemon Deux - Bank over 2 million cookies in total.
Cookiemon Quadrophenia - Bank over 4 million cookies in total.
Cookiemon Octopussy - Bank over 8 million cookies in total.
Cookiemon Hexed - Bank over 16 million cookies in total.


Achievable Feats:

Jean Luc Baguette - Create some french toast.
Fruitarian Magnifique - Scrump a full on super radish.
White Hot - Reach the top of the world.
Omnomnomnomnom - Make an omelette.
Du Fromage - Create a cheese omelette.
Dead Fish - Scrump sashimi.
Undead Fish - Scrump fresh sashimi.
Cheesy Vegan - Cook some cheese on toast.
Adult Baby - Make eggy soldiers.
Fat Pussy - Get stuck with a fat cat.
Vegetarian Student - Cook some toast.
Hard and Infertile - Boil some eggs.
Poseur - Have your portrait taken.

Manic Miner

Achievable Feats:

Keymaster - Score over 9000 points in Manic Miner.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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