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Admin Game

We have an admin game?


Yes we do.

We have a VARG admin game.

The problem with online chat environments is largely one of admin. Assigning admins randomly is of course a recipe for disaster as random players now have godlike abilities without earning them. Running the admin yourself or using employees is an easy way to burn time or money. Chances are you cant trust the employees anymore than you can trust random users either, it is hard enough to trust yourself.

I'll admit that I lean towards anarchy however I understand that not having any control will mean the trolls or spammers will enter and they will abuse the regulars and the regulars will be annoyed that there is nothing they can do.

So the next solution is to give admin powers to the regulars and make sure anyone can gain these powers simply by becoming an active part of the community. Then they can defend from noob trolls. Not too much admin power though we are talking behavioral modification here not wild scale permabanning, plenty of noobs start as trolls but go on to lead long and productive lives.

The idea is simply that the public land belongs to the people who spend their time there, not to the people who turn up every now and again and cause a nuisance.

On top of this public admin system everyone, be they troll noob or even gods have their own private room where they have ultimate admin powers on who can be there. One only ever gets banned from public places, or other peoples rooms, never from ones own private room.

So now we have an Admin Game which is a VARG designed to grant extra admin powers but only to those who work hard to gain them. This help site is about what powers you can gain and how to gain them.

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