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There are various avatars associated with your account that will show up in different places.

In Chat

When your mouse hovers over someone's username in chat, their avatar and level info will popup.

To change this from the default one, go to the Forum and change it like so:

1. Under User CP > Settings.
2. Scroll down to Optional Information.
3. Change Avatar Type to Upload Avatar.
4. Click to upload a photo at Custom Avatar File.

The avatar, should be no larger than 100x100 pixels and must be in jpg, gif or png format.

In Your Profile

You may upload a 200x150 pixels image as your profile photo on your profile page.

1. Go to your profile page (by clicking on your username in chat and clicking again on the Click here to view your profile page. link).
2. Mouse over the main profile image and click on Choose File to choose your image.
3. Click Upload Image to upload the image.

In WetVille

If you're in WetVille right now, you might find your avatar looking like a non-descript naked person. Do not panic, stay calm and carry on.

You may change this current avatar to other default avatars by clicking and holding on yourself and selecting the appropriate options. Like so:

1. Choose Avatar.
2. Pick boi or gurl.
3. Choose your destiny.

You can also change to different poses by choosing the Emote option.

If you would like to create your own Avatar, follow the simple instructions below. Windoze only.

Or read here for a more complicated one.

1. Go to the Minions page and follow the instructions there.
2. You should now have Minions running in your browser. We currently support Firefox, Opera and Chrome. If it doesn't work in your browser, just run the application from your start menu.
3. Edit Avatar.
4. Save Avatar as 100x100 .PNG all mood poses. Remember where it is!
5. Log into the forum and click on Settings (under User CP).
6. Click Upload Avatar under Avatar type and Choose your avatar.
7. Scroll down and click on Update. This last step is crucial and should not be missed.

Remember, if you want your avatar to appear in WetVille, send me your soul (.xml file) by mailing it to me (or reg mail shi in chat).

Upon receiving a response from me about a successful soul exchange, you should see your avatar in WetVille.

Please delete your browser cache and reload if you do not see yourself in ville and if you've been using a different avatar, click and hold on yourself & choose default to get to your true avatar.

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