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Say, do you come here oftem?

In light of users using session ids to steal accounts, we have added extra security to hopefully decrease the chances of that happening in the near future.

Obviously, with great features comes great compromise.

You will be asked to re-login with your username and password each time your IP changes. You will notice your ip has changed or your session id hasn't been cached by the server when your username comes up as undefined or you might find yourself facing an error.

When and how does an IP change?

Here are a few ways:

1. You've changed location and used a different computer from the last one you used to log into the site. (eg. school/work/internet cafes)
2. Your internet service provider has changed it.
3. You've turned your cable modem off for a while.

It will change when you turn it on again.
If you're on dialup, your IP changes each time.

4. You have changed your internet service provider.
5. You are using a Proxy.

How do I fix this?

There are a few ways to fix the autologin when the server does not recognise you.
Each solution is different for everyone but these few steps usually work.

A. Log out of the Forum and log back in again. Now, go back to the games and log back in.

B. Type reg logout and follow instructions. Log back in to the games.

C. Make sure cookies are enabled for your browser.

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