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I Wanna Be Admin

There is no admin.

You are an admin.

We are all admin.

All admin rights are yours in your room, if you want to be admin then much like the GODs need people to be on their site to have power you need people to be in your room to have power. Go invite them to join your room.

There are some public admin powers that can be gained by having lots of cookies and by gaining ranks. Cookies are not free. Cookies must be earned.

You wanna be admin, then go gain ranks, the higher your rank the closer you are to a GOD.

The GODs made this site, if you made the site you are a GOD if you did not then you are not.

Sometimes the GODs may transform into a swan and impregnate you, please do not be alarmed if this happens.

Also, Rakiro is a jaded and bored ex-GOD. Try cheering him up by yiffing him. (that's minimod, not god. also a mascot.)

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