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Game Ideas

Zombie Grinds

Combine the basic game play of Aliens the board game(#1) with Gain Ground(#2) in a co-op drop in timed-turn based flash game. You control only one character and make only one decision per turn, move or attack. This is focused on at least 2 people playing at the same time to make it more interesting, prefrably a large group for more funs. Standard ville room restrictions no real maximum but 20-30 players per room is lightly enforced.


Each level has a safe zone between it and the next and players may exit this safe area to either level. When you die you just drop back to the last safe zone. So you need a bunch of people to be progressing together for maximum success and players may choose to go back to help rescue stragglers and boost them to the next safe zone.

Give out daily cookie awards for achieving each safe zone and increase character stats at each safe zone (if you go back to a previous safe zone, your stats go back down so no twinking). Stats are simply movement and firepower and you choose to increase one only at each safe zone. Both of which represent how far you can move or shoot, shooting is a 100-0% chance of success on a simple linear drop off to your maximum range. Zombies are one shot kills.

Attacks and enemy style movement is taken from aliens, you move/shoot then the zombies walk towards the nearest player, if they get to one (they pick you up) you have the next turn to attempt to rescue them or they die (zapped to their last safe zone with a small time wait penalty).

Use location squares, but, offset them so they are really playing in hexes. This is easily done by doubling the grid resolution and making each item 2x2 in size with every other column offset and basic restrictions to maintain hexagonal style movement.

Progress is from left->right of screens using wetville style perspective and the avatars. Each level and its adjacent safe zone is a "room", there is no overlap, you move to the other half of the safe zone when you choose to advance to the next level.

Fixed handmade map, limited number of levels 10? and simple achievable escape goal. But may expand this later to random or themes. Big timer in center of screen, 10secs per turn. This is the maximum tick rate, if everyone moves quicker then the turn goes quicker. Levels are not time linked, so there is a time dilation as you move from one to the other.

Make your decision by clicking on a highlighted floor tile to move, or a highlighted zombie to attack it. Mouse over gives info on all zombies/players stats (move/attack)

When the timer hits 0 all players first shoot, then move at the same speed and time so may fail to make it to their destination if there is conflict (only one player/zombie per location) but they will end up somewhere.

Then zombies move to nearest player, after which new zombies are spawned (spawn zones and rate depending on level). Then it's the start of the next turn and players must choose to shoot or move.

I've got a great idea.

Take the final scene from the Italian job, no not the dumb remake the original with Benny Hill and Noel fucking Coward in it. Just build a point and click room escape out of gold hanging out of the back of a van over the Alps. Or gold rescue rather than room escape if you will. I'm sure I saw some useful bits attached to the side of the van. Those empty bottles, break a bit off of that blind apply some MacGyvering and you'll be laughing.

Score is of course how many people you get out the van with bonus points for rescuing the gold.

Golden Slash

Hack n slash using the ville engine for multiplayer coop goodness.

Mickey the Lemming

A giant mouse forces lemmings of off cliffs in a puzzle style click to change actors environment. Like, lemmings but with a giant evil mouse causing mayhem, sort of a cross between lemmings and rampage. The original Lemmings had an excellent multiplayer version, which would work well with flash multiplayer, probably converted to coop.

PIEF dressup ( Pseudo Intellectual Emo Fag )

A dress up game, when an item is dragged onto the avatar a small poetry window is displayed evoking memories associated with that piece of clothing. After dressing you will be scored 0-100%, depending on if you applied the items in the correct order to read the "story". The story is of course about time travel longing and missed opportunities. "If only I wore brown that day maybe he would of noticed me." It is also of course a gay love story.

The Trip

From the start, the gamer is faced with another crucial decision: to end the game or to play it?

Set on a single platform, the only things visible are the user's avatar (which is placed to the left of the screen), an end button (placed on the top center) and a tiny bump (almost invisible and placed towards the far right of the screen). In typical nature of a platform game, the gamer tries to move his/her avatar by accessing the arrow buttons. This will result in the avatar moving forwards and towards the right. Doing so will later result in the avatar tripping over the bump and falling head first on to the ground.

And now, the gamer is faced with another set of decisions: to end the game or to play it?

Ending the game will simply end it and the gamer learns nothing. If he/she carries on using the arrow keys, he/she will soon realise that pressing the left arrow key will 'rewind' the series of events or go back in time, if you please.

The gamer is now back at the start, faced with a crucial decision: to end the game or to play it?

Ending it now means the player has learnt his lesson, having foreseen what happens if he decides otherwise. To 'replay' the series of events again either suggests masochism or the inability to conclude the moral/message of the medium.


The email spam game, send junk mail to your friends virtual mailboxes in an attempt to take them over. Increase the size of your inbox and outbox or upgrade your spam and antispam filters. The game where emails really can increase the size of your genitals.

The Thing thing

You know that scene where russell man tasered blood samples to determine if they were aliens. A simple game to figure out the alien using same techniques with other players, all locked in a room. Players don't even know if they were infected until exposed. Chaos ensue. Possibly this will work better in 3D ville when it's made with fps mode.

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