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I hereby grant thee the power of crown.

What are crowns?

Crowns are extra levels added on to your current level in chat. Crowns are always temporary and last for the duration until someone else beats you (yes, even Miss Wetgenes is temporary).

By default, you can amass a total of 10 crowns, negative or positive. This is higher (up to a limit of 30 crowns) for older accounts. For example, if you registered a year ago, your limit would be 12.

Most crowns give +1 to the current account of a user who gets the highest score for a crown-enabled game.

Crowns also give -5 to the current account and all shared accounts (same IP address or sharing pants) of a user if they are caught cheating.

Most crowns are refreshed every hour or, on some extreme cases, when the servers get reloaded (an act only possible by the Gods).

Negative crowns last for 10 days (as of today 24 April 2009).
The number may increase if needed.

How Crowns work.

Crowns are given to the last person scoring the highest on the leaderboard of crown-enabled games.

For example:

Player A scored a high score of 4000 and that makes Player A #1 on a game.

Before the hour is up, Player A is currently the person winning the crown.

However, Player B ties with Player A's score.

Player B is now currently the person winning the crown.

But before the hour is up, here comes Player C who scored higher than Player A and Player B with a score of 4200.

Player C is now #1 on the leaderboard and currently the person winning the crown.

Any user that comes along before the hour is up and ties with Player C or beat Player C's score will get the crown instead.

Obviously, this only applies to registered users.

In short, if you share your code / solution with someone, be prepared to lose your crown to them.

These are some crown-enabled games that give the highest-scoring user a crown on the hour. More will be added soon.









WetBasement - both normal & hard mode.


WetDiamonds - both puzzle & endurance mode.

Special crowns

Crowns can also be earned in other ways.

Shadow over WetVille crowns

The winning side in S.O.W. gains crowns:
* ALIVE humans get +2.
* DEAD humans get +1.
* ALIVE occultists +3.
* DEAD occultists +2.
These are awarded at the end of a round and last until the next round ends.

Hoe House crowns

The first 10 winners get crowns dependent on their rank on the leaderboard.
First gets +10.
Second gets +9.
Third gets +8 and so forth.
Crowns from Hoe House stack up from the previous game, i.e. if you were first in the previous game and first in this current game, you would have a total of (+10) + (+10) = +20 crowns.

ZeeGrind crowns

Everyone who makes it past the boss and to the DunBonkin zone gets a +1 crown that lasts until the end of the day. This crown is awarded when you next log in, in addition to the hourly update.

Tag crowns in chat

Winning the tag gives you a +3 crown that lasts until the next full hour.
Everyone in the room with you will gain a +1 crown.

Elo ratings

The top 3 users with the highest overall score in these games get corresponding crowns, i.e. first: +3, second: +2, third: +1.
Shadow over WetVille
WetDiamonds - only Ws mode.

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