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Your name's mud.

Muds are…

… extra special users that have been naughty and therefore had their powers taken away, much like the opposite of a mod(erator). Being a mud means that you are at the mercy of your fellow users.

How do I become one?

There are two ways you too can become a mud.

  1. 1.) By being a great annoyance to the Gods. So far, Erik_Revolution and emoboy123 have become muds this way.
  2. 2.) By sharing pants with a user that is a mud. Because of this, you should always be careful what accounts you log into, lest you share their fate.

Implications of being a mud

  • - Muds have their level reduced by a permanent negative-10 crown.
  • - Muds may not under any circumstances call Cthulhu.
  • - Muds may not use invokes.
  • - Bots pointedly ignore muds (except when they are swearing or spamming).
  • - The spam threshold for muds is more than 3 times lower than that of a normal user. Posting links or images will send them right to the swearbox.

How do I stop being a mud?

That depends on how you became one in the first place.

  • If you became a mud by Godly decree, you will stop being one when the Gods pardon you.
  • If you became a mud by sharing accounts, you will have to wait 10 days. Each day, your negative crown will be lifted a bit, and if it is finally gone, so will be your mud status.
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