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Old Fiction

This fiction is old and floats in the internets; detached and filled with dead things.

It has been replaced with a different fiction, created by other gods.

A vurtual world within a vurtual world within a vurtual world.

The Fiction room is a TinyMux you can access from :

1. Inside chat by going to the Fiction room.

2. Via the web by going to .

3. Directly via telnet or any mushclient (eg. 1) by connecting to;2860

4. Take note: If you telnet, type connect name password (ignore the - before the command).

If you want to be a builder, send us a request via pm.

Once connected to Fiction in the Fiction room, you can send commands into fiction by prefixing the commands with -.
This will work no matter which room you are in (eg.

For example:

To communicate in chat outside of the fiction room, type -" before your sentence.
(eg. -"hi guise will come out as hi guise to whomever is connected to and in the Fiction room.)

Messages exchanged this way will not be visible to those who are not connected to Fiction. (ie. Only those connected to Fiction can see your messages.)

For Help and more information about commands, type -help.

If you are still unsure what this all means, try it before you knock it and then suddenly, all will be clear to you. Maybe.

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