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A smart dope fiend always keeps a trained doctor as a pet.

A pet is a registered friend that you have referred to the site via your referral link.

You may get this url by typing noir register into chat and asking your friend to sign up using the link you have prompted.

Pets earn you 10% of their cookie awards which you will receive the next time you log in. They still get 100% so the 10% is extra for you.

You can have as many pets as you can possibly have.

Buying and trading

You may make an offer to buy a currently registered user.

For example:

Type noir pet offer bob 1000
This will offer to buy bob for 1000 cookies from whoever owns them.
The owner may then refuse or accept.
To pay this debt say noir pet pay bob 1000

Type noir pet in chat for options and link to your Escrow page.

Type noir pet pay in chat to pay for a pet.

The Escrow System

This is where you deal with pet requests, active transfers and cancellations.

As a rule, it costs 100 cookies just to make an offer.
The minimum amount is 500 cookies.

You will then have 10 days for the transaction to go through.

This means, the owners will only be able to cancel a transaction after 10 days.
The buyers are able to cancel the transaction at any time.
There is no time limit to make a full payment but do remember that after 10 days, the owners will be able to cancel the transaction and keep the cookies that have already been transferred to them.

If you already have an escrow offer, please delete it at your escrow control page if you want to create a new one.

Since hardworking users play many games to gain cookies, these users are usually the best kinds of pets to have. However, they might also be the most expensive.

My Pets

You may view your pets by clicking on the number next to your username of your profile badge in your user profile.


Visit the leaderboard to view pets of other users, amongst other various things.

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