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Would you like to play a game? Yes. Would you like to know more? Yes.

These original Wetgenes games reward you with Cookies and/or Crowns when you play them.
They can be accessed by these following methods.

1. Typing noir games in chat to prompt a random game.
2. Typing noir games gamename in chat to prompt a specific game.
3. Via the GAMES tab on the chat interface.
4. By typing in their respective urls.




gamename : batwsball

Use the keyboard to move the paddle.

Pure retro pong endurance. Just keep the ball on screen for as long as you can. Every nudge shrinks your bat so try not to move unless you have to.

This is the best pong type game we could come up with and an example that something interesting can still easily be achieved with a game genre that has alrady been remade to death.

(Easy & Hard modes)

gamename : basement

Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Grab the floating shiny metas as they turn up, as fast as you can. Alternatively, you may use the mice.

A first try of a monoscreen platform engine, featuring water. Do not fear the water, it is there to help you reach the hard to reach places. The game is very simple and easy but provides challenge if you want to score high.


gamename : wetdike

Use the mice to move the cards.

An online version of klondike / solitaire / patience, play a card puzzle game every day and compete with other players to find the best solution.

Play draw 3 solitaire in a very competitive way. Very competitive, you probably will not be able to get a daily high score without lots of practise. Please note this game is not random, the shuffle is random but everyone is playing with the same card order so its how you deal with that shuffle that counts.

(Puzzle mode)

gamename : diamonds

Use the mice to swap gems to match 3 or more.

Play a swap puzzle game every day and compete with other players to find the best solution.

This game features a daily random puzzle (Which is rather hard) or a freeplay endurance mode (Which is rather easy) as well as multiplayer action. Just another working of the match three style genre, mostly designed to be a two player turn based game.


gamename : estension

Use the mice to thrust your spaceship to pop the hearts. Remember to refill with water when you are out of fuel.

A one week experimental game project that flys the uncharted land between Joust and Gravitar.

Mostly an experiment with a one dimension cellular water model combined with particles. It also had game.


gamename : bowwow

Use the mouse to click and drag in the desired direction. Shots are logged and can be accessed for efficient replays. Stay on the same platform to acquire the highest score possible.

A daily artillery flash game puzzle. Each day a new weather system creates a different problem.

Shoot arrows and score high in this little puzzle game.


gamename : mute

Use the arrows to move and up arrow to jump or throw the letters at the gametard balls and make combos for extra points.

Carrying the pieces to the top is easy, but it takes planing to score high from combos. A response to gametards in gameform. That's probably meta. Still it is a nice little game if you try and play it to score high.


gamename : gojirama

Use the keyboard to type the words that you see. Make sure you are near the building when you type, otherwise your short arms can't reach them.

Simple typing fun. Smash buildings using the power of your keyboard.


gamename : take1

Use the mice and click the bits from smallest to biggest and try to clear the screen. Juggle the bits for combos and extra points.

Button mashing, thats all it is. Really just button mashing. We just wanted to try and come up with a simple engine for turning a picture into a game. Without resorting to 5 differences.

(Multiplayer Co-Op)

gamename : pixlcoop

Use the mice to click and place the right pixels at the right place. Extra points if you put the exact pixel at its exact coordinates. Use the minimap to achieve this.

An online cooperative pixel jigsaw. Help each other to drag pieces around and build the final image as fast as you can. The more people who play as an organized group the higher their group score is. Invite your friends to play with you for maximum success.

Another simple game. However this is multiplayer online, so quite complicated to pull off.

(Multiplayer Co-Op)

gamename : itsacoop

Use the mice to draw. A tablet is even better if you are equipped with such luxuries.

An online cooperative drawing game. You draw a word, they try to guess the word.


gamename : rgbtd0

A tower defence inspired puzzle game with 25 levels to beat and a cookie challenge that changes every day.

Place blocks to guide your plots to the exit, collect all the food whilst using as few blocks and the shortest route you can. Plots will always take the shortest route so a few carefully placed blocks can often be all you need. (Press space for secret level solution load/save codes)

Poetry is Everyone's Family)

gamename : pief

Get dressed in the correct order to experience this love story and its ending..

Creator's Statement : A dress up game, whereby when an item is chosen, a small poetry window is displayed evoking memories associated with that piece of clothing. After dressing, you will be scored 0-100%, depending on the order of clothing clicked ; 100% is given for the correct order of the "story". The story is about time travel (symbolised by the Travis, the Moonstar), longing and missed opportunities. "If only I wore brown that day maybe he would have noticed me." It is also, of course, a gay love story.


gamename : zeegrind

Can you survive ZeeGrind?

The closest thing to a real zombie experience played on your browser EVAR! Multiplayer zombie game. Play with your friends or sacrifice them to survive the levels. Grab a weapon balloon that levels up if you survive a single level.


gamename : NA

To fold or to raise, that is your quest.

Unlike other games, you gain cookies by winning them off your friends.

Ygor likes to chip in a few whale blubber cookies. As a matter of fact, he chips them in every hour on the hour.

A friendly multiplayer and unique version of hold'em poker, currency can be acquired only through playing other wetgenes games and can also be used to level up your character.

Google hold'em poker for the basic rules.


gamename : NA

This version of freecell is wet.

An online version of freecell, play a card puzzle game every day and compete with other players to find the best solution.


gamename : NA

Only1 is an art game.

Enjoy a little hop skip and scrump adventure!

These original Wetgenes games reward you with Crowns when you play them.
These are browser games and do not need flash to access them.



Shadow Over WetVille

Average Game Time : 5 Days.
Crowns Awarded :
+1 for human (dead) win. +2 for human (alive) win.
+2 for occultist (dead) win. +3 for occultist (alive) win.

Lynch the ones you love the least, kill the ones you love the most.

A Lovecraft inspired multiplayer game of intrigue.

Hoe House

Average Game Time : 4 Weeks.
Crowns Awarded :
+1 for most bux. +1 for most hoes.
+1 for most bros. +1 for most houses.

Bros before Hoes.

hoe house is a friendly hommage to whore house.
hoe house is an example aelua app.

aelua is a lua core and framework compatible with appengine.
aelua and hoe house are designed and developed by wetgenes.

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