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Bugs are features.

Here are some questions collected from various users and our answers for them.

If none of the bugs you encountered are answered here, please to be lurking in the Forum or raising your questions there.


We didn't.

Someone else probably did.

If you didn't know it by now, everyone here is an admin.

This means YOU can ban the next person you see as much as THEY can ban you.

Level dependent, of course.

F#!$%#! this douchebag on a guest account keeps coming back even after i banned them so many times and i know they didn't have any cookies to snackrifice. WTF??

When you ban a guest, it is already applied to their IP, if they change their name they will still be banned.

However it is also possible for someone to simply change their ip when banned and come right back.

There is nothing we can do to link this new user to the old one, NOTHING.

This is why banning guest accounts is free when you are a registered user and this is why there are levels and why it takes time to gain them.

By giving every active user of Wetgenes the ability to ban guests, you have the power to deal with this problem by banning them whenever they resurface.

So yes this is a problem but it is a problem only you can solve.

You have censored my cursewords, curse thee snacks!


How come I can't swear in here? That's stupid.

No, you're stupid.

You can swear. In moderation.

The swear cards are put there to mildly moderate your average user that is afflicted with typing tourette's syndrome.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think.

So view this action as a discouragement of the act and not a personal infringement of your freedom of speech.

My game won't load!

You have an adblocker installed on your browser.
Turn it off or allow

All our games are hosted on so if you have that site blocked, guess what happens?


It keeps calling me undefined and gives me an error.

See Autologin for more information.

Failed to connect to

Check your firewall.

The server establishes a continuous socket connection.
Intervening firewalls can block that connection.

You have NoScript installed on your browser.
Turn if off or allow flash and javascript to be enabled on

All our games use flash and javascript technology so if you have NoScript turned on, guess what happens?

All I see is a black screen!

If you have a black screen, chances are you have an old version.
We are constantly updating live, in real time, in chat.

Clear cache and reload.

WetV is broken. The videos won't load.

Make sure the videos you request have embedding enabled.

Sometimes, some videos won't play if you're not within a certain country. This all depends on how democratic your country is or if your politicians are socialists.

Otherwise, reload the page.

If YouPube is broken, you will have to find something else to do instead.

I can't hear shit, captain. YouTube works perfectly for me but I can't hear anything when I play WetV!!

Flash is a piece of shit. Rebooting your machine should do the trick. lunboks says so.

I keep getting videos playing in my private room instead of the videos I ask it to play.

Reload the page.

All my RAM is belong to WetV. What gives?

Flash is a piece of shit. Clear cache and reload.

$%#@! LAG!!!

Stay calm, your internet is probably hiccuping.

Reload the page.

I did what you said and reloaded but I'm still lagging.

Latency issues. Do a traceroute.

This fucking SUCKS! The game is LAGGING!!!

This is the power of Flash compelling you.

For some strange reason, unbeknownst to us, Flash likes to do strange things almost all the time when we don't want it to.

Lagging is just one of those things.

Sometimes, clicking on a different tab and coming back to the game tab alleviates the lag but not always.

Sometimes, reloading the page does wonders.

And in some extreme cases, you have to clear cache, restart the browser and resume playing.

One day, we won't have to deal with Flash. And all will be well.

But as long as Flash is popular (thanks to you! yes, you!) and treated as a standard, that one day will be far, far away.

WetGenes is down! The site doesn't load at all.

The server is probably down.

Either we're breaking things (updating server or updated server with unchecked code) or the server is just unhappy and needs some attention (this is normal since we have not allocated official downtime for maintenance. eve online does this daily.)

Contact us if we are not online to see this so we can fix it, that is unless we're asleep.

We can be reached via many ways. (Steam, Gchat, Email, Forum)

See Gods for more information on contacting us.


We didn't.

Someone else probably did.

That or the server resetted. If that happens, then the server ate them.
We do warn you each time you log in that keeping cookies on the floor is incredibly risky.

See ServerReset for more information.


Chillax you little whiner.

We have fixed room retains. What this means is, you can no longer blame us if your room disappears; server reset or not.

If your room disappears, it means you did not give the bot enough cookies to retain it.

Also, for every Server Reset, we usually almost without a doubt declare it a Bank Holiday.

See ServerReset for more information.

The server ate my balloons!!



Sorry about that.

Balloon growing is risky business until we make it stable.

Till then, give us a shout on the forum or in chat if and when this happens.

Why don't you support streaming for WetV?

itís called Real Time Messaging Protocol or rtmp for acronym enthusiasts. what this means is - itís DRM for flash and if ya ainít got the cash, ya ainít allowed to use the service.

every site on the block has this thing that this site does not have - MONEY to spend. we do not have that kind of money to spend. we spend a total of 12 squid per month on the entire server.

itís not the tech. we donít have tech problems. we are cutting edge. what we donít have is money.

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