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Tell the world of your love for furries.

Each user is assigned a profile page where one is able to:

  • Display a 200x150 profile photo.
  • Display a 100x100 avatar that will appear in chat.
  • Ramble about their personal bio.
  • View games that have been YAYed.
  • View game stats and personal high scores.
  • Cycle through personal artwork made by playing ItsaCoop.
  • View their current status (in-game levels).
  • Access an embeddable badge with links to the leaderboard and their pets.
  • Peruse a highly amusing interactive buddy list.
  • Comment on their profile or reply to other comments (threaded).

And when viewing other user profiles:

  • Comment on other user profiles.
  • Add a user to their buddy list.
  • Send a user a private mail.

You may view a current profile by clicking on a username in chat and clicking on the profile link.

Or Url for profile -

In Chat to Forum

Typing noir profile in chat prompts a link to edit your profile information.

Users may upload a profile photo that will show up in chat via the forum.

This can be accessed under OPTIONAL INFORMATION/Avatar Type.

Choose either to

  • Upload your own or
  • Pick a Built-in Avatar that we have created for you using the WetTest.

Remember to click on Update at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

In here, you may also include the obligational forum signature and other nefarious information you may wish to include in your profile at your own discretion.

This will all be displayed on your profile page.

See Avatars for more information about creating your own avatars that you can use in WetVille and the games within her.

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