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Wetgenes Rap

The WetGenes Rap by Sinful_D

i'm sinful dizzle, i carry big sticks like piddle
i seen yukarin its not a chick, the dicks just little
i made magnus have a seat over there
and ate his cookies i while played in jojo's pubic hair
i smell Fish, im sippin milk out of a baggie
resisted ragequitting after jshaw fuckin gagged me
i troll the streets and eat bananas beside erik

fdsjksemicolon need a Paramedic
L-O-L @ shi and xix having sex
i tried to post the hidden camera vid, but TV NEXT
i got dissed but miku brought the saltykeys
tosi surfin guro like "im savin all of these"

i know this this Bitch, shes british but thats okay
i herd he loves the cawk so iassume big al is gay
i'm sexxin xxpxx because i love the power
i took a shower with ivory for like a whole hour
big up to athens who always has the tv yay
unlike kite, who fuckin suxes everything i play

cock_waffle, a staple of the furry diet
i got yiffy one day and tried it, i won't deny it
i caught saltyfish burning shit and stealing hoes
i trade him stupid shit like 2 homes for 1000 bros
i spend my nights in the ellhole watchin flicks
and spend AMs with richie tradin them boobie pics

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