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Catch me if you can

However, in our case, it's the tagged user who runs away from everyone else.

Because everyone wants the tag.

Because if you get the tag and you're able to keep it by the end of the hour, you will get lots of cookies.

Any user also present in the same form public room (ie. public.wolf) as the tagged user will also receive 10000 cookies just for being there.

Perks of being tagged.

  • (number of users present) * 10000 cookies for you if you are in your clan room at the hour. Plus, you will receive the tag crown (+5) which lasts until the next hour.
  • Bystanders will receive a +1 crown and 10000 cookies.
  • The rank of a tagged user is automatically changed to 1. This is especially useful when changing forms for a high level user but it also renders the user vulnerable to attacks.
  • Note that you have to play in WetVille to win the tag.
    Also note that the tagged user cannot enter private rooms or fiction.

How do I get tagged?

There are a few ways to do this.

  • Bite the tagged user to steal it from them.
  • If the current tagged user goes offline, type noir tag in the public rooms to receive it.
  • Plan with an ally to steal and share the tag.
  • Ask nicely to be tagged.

Be reminded that chavs cannot and will never be able to win the tag.
For they are chavs and chavs have no homes, hence cursed to forever roam the streets.

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