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Level Up

Levelling up the Ranks

Get cookies to level up your ranks.

How do I level up my rank?

Give cookies to the bots of your desired form.

See Star Commands for more information.

The higher you rank, the more invoke points you have, the more power you have over lower ranked users.

See Forms for more information.

There are several ways to gain cookies.

Play the Games

These games are creator owned by us, meaning we have made them from scratch and they belong only to us. You may view all of them via the games tab in the VARG or click on their links when the bots mention them in chat. See Games for more information.

Play the Bot games

Noir and the other bots are always asking questions. Get the right answer and you will be rewarded with cookies.

Get the Tag

Get tagged in the VARG by biting a tagged user and being in the right form public room at the exact hour. See Forms for more information.

Get some Pets

You may gain pets by referring a friend or buying registered users via the Escrow system. See Pets for more information.


A chav by any other name, is still a chav and has the invoke ability to steal in various nefarious ways. See Forms for more information.


Now I wouldn't recommend this, seeing how you're more likely to get banned by a user for being annoying more than anything else but it does work. Sometimes.

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