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'Hacking' and 'hackers'

Your account has not been hacked by someone if you have voluntarily given the password to that account to someone else, ie. your friends.

If you give your password to someone else and they steal your account, we will not help you.

Some people have been talking about stealing accounts. We advice you to change your password if you think other people know it.

People lie. All the time.

If your account is now stolen and you are unable to log into that account, we will not help you. We do not reward or encourage stupidity.

It is not hacking if they guess your password.
It is not hacking if you have given your password away.
It is not hacking if you tell everyone your password.

Hacking is using technical defects to take advantage and gain control of other peoples resources.

What you are complaining about is your fault.

We cannot protect you from yourself.

I'm really, really sorry, please, please, please help?

Pweaty pwease wif cherry on top?

Your accounts are associated with a unique email that you have chosen when you register with the site.

Emails cannot be changed.

This will prove to be very useful if and when your account gets stolen and someone changes your password.

Go to the Forum.

Follow the link that you have forgotten your password to reset your password.

You need to be logged out of the forum to do this.

You should now be sent an email to reset your password.

We don't know your password and cannot retrieve your password for you.

If you have forgotten your email or the password to that email, then consider yourself unhelpable for all is lost forever.

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