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Balloon Growing

Growing your balloons

Get a balloon from Kolumbo and plant it in your pot.

You may find them growing in Kolumbo.

If you do not water your balloons, they will not grow very well.

Balloons do not rot or disappear but they do not get any bigger if you do not look after them.

They ripen 1% every minute, so a balloon will grow in 100 minutes.

Click on a balloon to see their stats and how much they have grown.

There are many recipes to grow certain balloons which will help you in WetVille and the games within her.

Keeping your balloons wet

Balloons need water to grow.

You may only water your balloons with a bluewater balloon which can be acquired from Kolumbo.

Click on your pot and hold, then select "water" to water your balloon with an amount of water equal to the size of your bluewater balloon.

Balloons will use up water and grow when the following conditions are met:

1. The balloon is more ripe than it is full.

2. The balloon is not bigger than 50%.

3. There is more water in the pot than the balloon is full.

Reanimate the dead with pot and water

If you find your balloons shrunk from a hard day's toil and labour, put them back in the pot and grow them as you would like any normal balloon.

This will ensure your balloons a long, healthy and fruitful lifespan.

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