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Server Reset

Server Reset

Sometimes known as Bank Holiday

Sometimes, when the server becomes prone to depression, it decides that the best thing to do is to commit sepukku. Usually when we are in deep sleep. This results in the site going down for a few hours.

This seemingly unfortunate and surprisingly humanistic behaviour is due to the unfortunate position of having a very teeny tiny server that runs out of memory. Don't hold this against us. It is all we can afford.

However, if you see the server shutting down in a countdown fashion, that's usually the gods fixing or breaking something.

Both instances (almost usually) are followed by a Bank Holiday.

What's a Bank Holiday?

A bank holiday means your bank gets reset.

This is very fruitful for those who have fully banked previous to the server reset as the counter is now cleared and set to 0.

Try a noir bank after a server reset and all will be clear to you.

A bank holiday is the god's way of creating a brand new day for you to start banking your cookies. A whole extra day to nudge you that much closer to reaching a level up.

You may even call it time travelling. We do.

Royal Pardon

Another perk of a server reset is that IP addresses are cleared for the users. This applies to previous bans by the gods or your fellow friends on guest accounts sharing the same IP address.

This means any users previously sharing pants may atone for their sins and start anew to avoid the deadly falconpunch.

This applies to the spy command.

So you can see why the users sometimes pray really, really hard for a server reset.

I hope you do too.

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