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Move all old commands into words of power.

Originally we where using /ban /gag /find /join etc, this was before any /me calls cthulhu to or /me gives bob 23 cookies where added. Now these seem out of place and they should all be triggered by appropriate /me StarCommands actions so as not to confuse people.

Bra and Pants

Link user accounts together in a one level hierarchy, one bra at the top which is the main account and any number of pants accounts below.

When logged into any of the accounts you may move from one account to another at will with noir commands and no password check.

Less chance of accidentally typing a password into chat if you use multiple accounts and lets us keep track of multiple accounts belong to one person.

Ville Jump

Users need to jump next to each other, jump is x2 the speed followed by rooting you to the spot for the remaining time. So you dont actually move any faster but you get to your destination faster

Carry other users through doors

Let a higher level take a lower or same level through ville doors. Ideally to help noobs get to where they want to be.

Also possibly just to sacrifice tasty noobs to Cthulhu for bonus points.

Make pickup sensitive to location

Need to get close to another user, IE by jumping, before being able to pick them up.

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