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The n00b's guide to WetV

Copy paste any YouTube URL to play vidya.

Make sure it allows embedding.


Express your love for the current video and extend its timelock.
The amount of time the video will be extended for is dependent on your rank.


Express your hate for the current video and reduce its timelock.
The amount of time the video will be extended for is dependent on your rank.


Tells you what video is currently playing.

Each time your video wins, you earn cookies.

Each time your video fails, you loose cookies.

No vowels? Noone likes your taste and your vowels have been removed.
Type CTHULHU COOKIES to get your vowels back.

No cookies? Beg, borrow, steal from the regulars.

Want your own tv room so anyone from the internet can join in your parteh?

This link may be of interest to people who would like to upload versions of wetv and have people auto join their room.

otherwise, you may either use the following links but replace fish with your username.

For more information, read Tv Commands.

You know the rules and so do I

As the in chat Admin Game played at becomes increasingly complex it is way past time to start documenting the thing before it grows totally out of control.

So here it is, possibly slightly out of sync with the code on occasion please complain in the comments.

You should find the chat environment we are talking about in game links available at the top of this page or click here to just chat and browse (Note: there is a toggle chat button in the top right corner, if your window is small the chat may start off disabled and you may need to click it). or chat with myspace or facebook or even this help page

In general what you type is simply said, we are a talker at heart, but some things you can say are words of power that have great effect.

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